27.11.2009 -- A FitFat Breakbeat-DrumNBass Night Let the Bass kick Flyer
FitFat Crew presents: Breakbeat-DrumNBass Night!

FitFat - BreakBeat and Drum&Bass!. Winter opening fiesta!
Breakbeat Flyer Breakbeat Flyer

antimonoton (FitFat) || Pierat (FitFat) || Breakfly (Flytech)

Friday 27th of November 2009
Via Buozzi N. 3 @ 6come6 - 39100 Bolzano/Bozen Show on Google Maps
start: 23.00h ... 4.00h

17.07.2009 --> FitFat & Revoltekk presents: Let the Bass kick Flyer

FitFat - Let the bass kick!. Drum'n Bass Party at Roen 1,5.
Sunny Bashment Flyer

antimonoton (FitFat) || Pierat (FitFat) || insomniac (Revoltekk)

Friday 17th of July 2009
Passo Mendola - Mendelpass - Campi Golf 26 Golfwiesen Show on Google Maps
start: 22.30h ... 4.30h

FitFat | Revoltekk | Culture Assault presents: Sunny Bashment Flyer

Finest electronic frequencies, massive breaks and fancy beats in the middle of the alps.
Sunny Bashment Flyer
Sunny Bashment Flyer

Special Guests: jade (Hungary) || freesteppa (Germany) || shem (Poland) || she shorty (Austria)

Saturday 13th of June 2009
Passo Mendola - Mendelpass - Campi Golf 26 Golfwiesen
Show on Google Maps
Outdoor and indoor on 300m² plus huge parking area

start: 15.00h ... 14h non stop
entry: 15euro


JADE| BSE | 1210 | Mowing Shadow | Project 51 | Citrus | Hungary
Bursting into the scene in 2004 with 'Got Lost' on 'Black Sun Empire recordings' collaboration with fellow Hungarian Matt-U, was a sure sign that the his Drum and Bass future was bright for Jade. Keeping on a good thing, Jade and Matt-U continued to work together. Having already releasing on the huge 'Moving Shadow' imprint, '1210' & Ryme Tyme’s 'Spawn recordings' the two will continue to work with each other and have further collaborations planned for the future.
Jade’s individual releases are packed full of energy, darker, harder, technoid influenced sound which has lead him to release major labels helping to shape the future of the scene including 'Citrus', 'Black Sun Empire recordings' and a bunch of forthcomings tunes getting released on 'Close 2 Death', 'Collective' and 'Project 51'. Shortly Jade will be releasing an EP on ‘Citrus’ !
Jade is also rated as one of best deejays on the circuit today, with crowd interaction and mixes incorporate the hi-tech sounds of neurofunk and groove of technoid and include all the latest dubs from established high profiled artists and his own high quality production. Already an international star in heavy deejay rotation around Europe and the UK, he is also headlining a tour of New Zealand and Australia planned for 2008.

FREESTEPPA| Steppasoundz | Germany
Beeing part of the scene since the very beginning and starting to get active in the mid 90s, Freesteppa is a Deejay who experienced the whole evolution of today called Drum'n'Bass. Freesteppa played at countless events with every big dog in the scene such as Hype, Mickey Finn, Kenny Ken, Brockie, Shimon, Andy C, Marky, Dieselboy, Hive, A-Sides, Pendulum, Dr. S. Gachet and many more.
Freesteppa is a Deejay, Producer & Promoter as well Founder, Owner and Manager of the Germany based record label called Steppasoundz Recordings.
With great international artists like Heist (UK), Muffler (FIN), Noah D. (USA), Cable (BRASIL), BurnerBros (USA) and many more on the roster, he released many 12” records worldwide.

SHEM | Culture Assault Records | Poland
24 year old Shem from Central Europe merges all the sounds that inspired him to make music. His style is a fusion of varied influences, breakbeat, rock, drum and bass, experimental, trip hop and oldschool hip hop amongst others. Living in Poland and beeing one of the Top Producers in the Culture Assault crowd, no more words needed. However Shem is one of the heads behind Culture Assault Records since the very first beginning after its foundation by Corax in MAY 2008.

ANTIMONOTON | Fitfat | Italy
PHULIN | Fitfat | Italy
PIERAT | Fitfat | Italy
INSOMNIAC | Revoltekk | Italy


CORAX | Culture Assault Records | Italy
Corax have been working in the shades on their forthcoming skullstep project based on an experimental symbiosis of ancient mystic norse realm and dramatic mayhem drum sound for like a year now. Commonly known for their dark and grim dj acts bombarding dancefloors with regretless drumgrinders from the most feared dark/techstep artists around the world, they have been spotted to have developed violent tendecies towards heabvy dubstep.
However, most of their energies flow into their second but way more profiling project: Culture Assault Records.
FLÖRT | Revoltekk | Italy

SHE SHORTY | Female Pressure | Electrokraenzchen | Austria
Mitte der 90iger Jahre wurde SHE SHORTY mit elektronischer Musik infiziert. Seit dieser Zeit sorgt sie aktiv dafür den akustischen Virus den sie in ihrem Herzen trägt, in möglichst viele Gehörgänge und Hirnwindungen zu verbreiten. Die Tirolerin rockte schon viele, feine Clubs und Festivals in ganz Europa. In ihren Sets mischt sie gekonnt eine große Portion weiblichen Charme mit einer Prise maskuliner Härte und moduliert so ihren eigenen Style, der seinesgleichen sucht. Von feinstem Deephouse und experimentelle Elektronika, über knackigem Techhouse bis hin zu fetten treibenden Beats hat sie alles auf Lager und immer noch ein Ass im Ärmel. Durch ihre unverwechselbaren Sounds und ihren Spürsinn für musikalische Strömungen lässt sie ihre Platten mit einer ganz besonderen Leidenschaft ineinander verschmelzen und schafft so eine fesselnde Klangwelt in die man einfach hinein gesogen und aus der man bis zum Sonnenaufgang dann auch nicht mehr entlassen wird.

KABO | Electrofusl | Fantomton | Germany
Fantomton is a collaboration of musical people who enjoy parties and live situations - any place where people can communicate the good feelings they have because of the music and experimental ideas.
Fantomton was actually born recording some samples together. We did that like children, having fun and looking for sounds that represent us. With this attitude, we happened to go to a overaged Radarstation in Berlin, at Teufelsberg. The location is wonderful: the panorama of Berlin is awesome, the building simply charming. We spent hours through the building, making fotos, recording samples of any kind, hanging around and having fun.
Therefore we decided to use this samples for making some music, but also to continue with this sharing and playfully attitude. For this reason we gave the samples to some friends and artists that wanted to make a track out of these recordings.
The result is the first release of Fantomton, made out mainly by these Radarstation mysterious samples. Every artist had the possibility to make every kind of track: the border of this album is not the genre, but the source of the sounds.

LUX| Niminal | Vienna
REROUX | WupWup | Italy
ALVA| Italy
SUTRA | Italy


BREAKFLY | Freakyfamily | Italy
FREESTEPPA | Steppasoundz Recordings | Germany


Sunny Bashment

Finest electronic frequencies, massive breaks and fancy beats in the middle of the alps.
FitFat Crew | Revoltekk | Culture Assault Records

Main Stage LineUp

14.00 dubstep Floert
14.30 dubstep Corax
15.30 dustep Floert
16.00 dubstep Corax
17.00 breakbeat BreakFly
18.00 dnb Phulin
18.30 dnb Antimonoton
19.00 dnb Pierat
19.30 dnb Insomniac
20.00 dnb Phulin
20.30 dnb Pierat
21.00 dnb Insomniac
21.30 dnb Antimonoton
22.00 dnb Freesteppa
00.00 dnb Jade
02.00 dnb Shem
04.00 ...

Indoor Stage LineUp

20.00 Sutra
21.00 Reroux
22.00 Kabo
23.00 Alva
00.00 BreakFly
01.00 SheShorty
03.00 Lux


Sunny Bashment Flyer Poster

FitFat Crew | Revoltekk | Culture Assault Records

FitFat Crew says: "Thank you all for this fantastic party!!"
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